Can someone else make use of your unwanted items?

Lots of different items of furniture shaped into a heart

Monday 22 May 2017


Do you have something too good to throw away?  Here are some easy and free ideas of how to get rid of your unwanted items: 

  • Pass it on - give items away to friends or family or on the free and easy local Freegle and Freecycle sites
  • Donate it - give unwanted items to charity shops or one of the many reuse organisations around the county
  • Sell it - why not make some money from your unwanted items. There are many selling sites such as Ebay and Gumtree or attending car boot sales
  • Recycle it - Recycle your textiles and books

Essex Reuse shops are a great place to pick up good quality items at bargain prices.  Reuse shops operating in Essex are: