How should I clean cloth nappies?

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Thursday 5 January 2017

Cloth nappies are easier to clean than you may think! Always check the care label for washing instructions as this may vary between nappies.

New nappies - Soak new or pre-loved nappies overnight and wash 3 or 4 times before use to remove factory coating in new nappies and for hygiene reasons in pre-loved nappies. This will help improve the absorbency.

Use - A liner placed inside the nappy will catch the solid waste, this can be thrown away. The wet nappy can be stored dry in a lidded bucket (with a mesh bag if you prefer) or in a wet bag. Place in the washing machine when you have a full load ready. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the inside of the bucket to neutralise odours.

Wash - Put the nappies on a cold rinse cycle then wash at 40ᵒC. Babies under 3 months old and babies which have been unwell should have nappies washed at 60ᵒC. Use one third of the amount of your usual washing powder as too much will clog the fabric and your nappies will be less absorbent, do not use fabric softener.

Dry - Hang your nappies on a washing line where possible as natural sunlight will deodorize, sanitize and naturally bleach them. You can also place nappies in an airing cupboard, tumble dryer or near radiators.

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