Plan ahead for your spring clean

Women and man sorting out unwanted items in a garage

Wednesday 22 March 2017


Spring cleaners and DIYers are being urged to plan ahead and make sure they don’t waste their weekends and bank holidays needlessly queuing at the local recycling centre.

This time of year always sees an increase in traffic at council recycling centres as homes throughout Essex have a clear out, but with a little preparation residents can save themselves time, help reduce congestion at recycling centres and still give their old furniture a new lease of life in a new home.

Rather than just loading up the car, here are some easy and free ideas of how to get rid of your unwanted items: 

  • Pass it on - give items away to friends or family or on the free and easy local Freegle and Freecycle sites
  • Donate it - give unwanted items to charity shops or one of the many reuse organisations around the county
  • Sell it - why not make some money from your unwanted items. There are many selling sites such as Ebay and Gumtree or attending car boot sales
  • Recycle it - Rather than visiting the recycling centres, make use of your local bring bank facilities for textiles.

Alternatively reduce trips to the recycling centre by saving items up to get rid of in one visit rather than making multiple calls, or take your waste to one of the smaller sites which won’t be as busy; sometimes a slightly longer drive could actually lead to a quicker trip.

Site rules have changed at recycling centres, please check details before visiting.