SOUPer funding for waste projects

Tomatoe soup in blue bowls

Friday 20 January 2017

Recycle for Essex are working with SOUP in Essex to offer pots of cash to community groups willing to help their local area wise up to waste. We’re looking for individuals and groups to pitch ideas.

Examples of projects could include organising running repair workshops, swap-it events, helping people waste less food, or anything else that helps residents in Essex waste less.

SOUP is a fun way of supporting local good ideas. It's a micro-funding scheme that sees people donate £5 in return for a bowl of soup and the right to vote for local projects.

SOUP is a relatively new concept to these shores after beginning in the United States of America. So far SOUP events across Essex have raised more than £14,500 towards local grassroots projects seeking to make a real difference in their community. These are just ordinary people and local community groups looking to improve where they live, work and study.

If you have an idea of a project to reduce waste in your local area, and would like to pitch for a grant of up to £500, please contact us to find out more.

The grants will be available at SOUP events at the following locations/dates: