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Would you fly-tip your waste?

Sofa dumped on a road

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Everyone hates fly-tipping. It’s ugly, it’s annoying and it’s totally illegal. And the cost ends up with all of us.

Most fly-tipping in Essex is the result of deliberate criminal acts. Dodgy waste operators targeting everyone from householders to big business with offers of cheap waste disposal, only to take the money and then dump the rubbish.

As well as the cost of the clean-up, local councils also spend a lot of money investigating fly-tips in order to identify where the waste came from. Yes, where it came from… not just who may have dumped it!

If you give waste from your home, whether from a small building job or just after having a clear-out, to someone else to dispose of it for you, and they dump it, you are equally liable in law for that criminal act. And a seemingly bargain price is a sure-fire way of increasing the risk of you getting a visit from an enforcement officer from the local council or even the Environment Agency.

If you can’t get rid of your own rubbish, either through your weekly kerbside collection, at a recycling centre or in a skip you’ve hired, ask for full details of where the person is going to take it. They should have a Waste Carrier’s Licence and be able to tell you where they’ll be disposing of it. And if you paid them, they can’t use a council recycling centre - these are strictly for householders bringing in their own waste.

Keep Britain Tidy have some great advice on how to avoid fly-tipping.

Keep an eye out for more campaigning about fly tipping in your area coming soon.